NIBL Customers can now subscribe to NIBL Alert System and avail SMS and email alert services. NIBL Alert System sends out email and SMS alerts the instance any transactions occur in the subscribed account. Additionally, customers will also receive email with the balance at the end of the day.

Customers can subscribe to this service, by filling out a simple form in the Customer Service Department. The service will be made available from the next day. NIBL Alert System will envelope, all operative accounts listed in the customer’s Customer ID with the option for the customer to exclude account that they do want to be alerted about. The transaction description and transaction time is also sent as SMS alert.

No eMail Alert Charge
SMS Alert Charges NPR 100 per annum

Features in email Alert

  1. Transaction alert
  2. End of Day Balance Alert


Features in SMS Alert (SA)

  1. Transaction alert (Transaction amount greater than 500)
  2. Loan due alert before 7 days of due date
  3. FD Maturity alert before 7 days of maturity date
  4. Interest Rate changed Alert
  5. Welcome message for first a/c of customer
  6. Transaction Alert on Credit Card use (Transaction amount greater than 500)
  7. Credit /Debit card auto renewal message on 1st of every English (Gregorian) month
  8. Credit card Statement summary on 24th of every English (Gregorian) month

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