NIBL Mobile Banking

NIBL Customers can now subscribe to NIBL’s Mobile (SMS) Banking and avail its services. Through this subscription NIBL customers can perform a number of financial and non-financial transactions up to NPR 5,000 per transaction, NPR 15,000 per day and NPR 50,000 per month (Bill Payment transactions do not have any limit).  Customers can use NIBL Mobile Banking Application or send an SMS to 37755 (NIBL’s short code) with the keyword (listed below) and avail the service. Customers will be charged Telecom’s standard SMS rate while sending the SMS.

Customers can subscribe to this service, by filling out a simple form in the Customer Service Department. The PIN is provided to the customer in the PIN mailer. The service will be made available the instance customer sends a PIN change request to 37755.


Please set time as Nepal Standard Time (NST) on your mobile before using Menu Based NIBL Mobile Banking Application.


Features in NIBL Mobile (SMS) Banking

    1 Balance Inquiry
    2 Mini Statement
    3 Exchange Rate
    4 Loan Due Inquiry
    5 Debit Card Code Inquiry
    6 Credit Card Code Inquiry
    7 NT GSM /CDMA Recharge PIN Purchase
    8 NT & NCELL TopUp
    9 Dish Home Recharge
    10 BroadLink Wifi
    11 BroadTel Recharge
    12 Recharge PIN History
    13 NT Post Paid Bill Payment
    14 NT Landline Bill Payment
    15 NT ADSL Bill Payment
    16 NCELL Bill Payment
    17 Credit Card Payment
    18 Fund Transfer
    19 Transfer Limit Inquiry
    20 Credit Card Limit Enhance
    21 eBanking Limit Enhance
    22 eBanking Trans Enhance
    23 Block Credit Card
    24 Block Debit Card
    25 Block eBanking
    26 Domestic Remittance
    25 Inter-bank Fund Transfer

    NIBL Mobile (SMS) Banking System Registration

    Download NIBL Mobile (SMS) Banking Application



    Download NIBL Mobile (SMS) Banking Brochure

    HELP for Help
    BI<space><PIN> for Balance Inquiry
    MS<space><PIN> for Mini Statement

    PIN<space><oldPIN><space><newPIN> for PIN Change

    NTCPAY<space><PIN><space><AMOUNT><space><Mobile No. > for NTC postpaid bill payment 
    (Mobile No. is optional. If not entered payment is  done for the initiating Mobile No.)


    NCELLPAY<space><PIN><space><AMOUNT><space><Mobile No. > for NCELL postpaid bill payment 
    (Mobile No. is optional. If not entered payment is  done for the initiating Mobile No.)

    PSTN<space><PIN><space><AMOUNT><space><PSTN No.> for landline bill payment 
    (PSTN No. should be with area code without leading zero eg. 14228229)

    GSM<deno><space><PIN> for GSM Recharge
    CDMA<deno><space><PIN> for CDMA Recharge

    GSM deno->200, 500 & 1000
    CDMA deno->204, 510 & 1020

    RH<space><PIN> for last 3 recharge pin history
    RATE<space><Currency Code> for exchange rate inquiry
    Currency Code: USD, GBP, CHF, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD, SGD, HKD, CNY

    Sample of Balance Inquiry
    Message Sent:
    BI 1234
    Reply Received:
    Bal in a/c(s) as of 15-03-20 11 04:41:39 PM :
    0010XXXXXX1412-->NPR 17450
    021XXXXXXX0912-->NPR 986948.87

    Sample Recharge PIN purchase
    Message Sent:
    GSM1000 1234
    Reply Received:
    Recharge PIN is 5478567891234

    Sample Nepal Telecom Post Paid
    Message Sent:
    NTCPAY 1234 100 98510XXXXX
    Reply Received:
    Payment Successful! NPR 100 paid for 98510XXXXX

    Sample NCELL Post Paid
    Message Sent:
    NCELLPAY 1234 100 98010XXXXX
    Reply Received:
    Payment Successful! NPR 100 paid for 98010XXXXX

    Sample Nepal Telecom PSTN
    Message Sent:
    PSTN 1234 100 14228229

    Reply Received:
    Payment Successful! NPR 100 paid for 14228229

    Sample PIN Change
    Message Sent:
    PIN 1234 4321
    Reply Received:
    Ur PIN has been changed successfully

    Sample Rate Inquiry
    Message Sent:
    Reply Received:
    Rate for USD As of 05-07-2011 04:21:41 PM
    Buying  --> XX.XX
    Selling --> XX.XX


NIBL Mobile Banking Privacy Policy


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