Corporate Governance

The current economic crisis which stemmed partly from reckless risk taking from major financial institutions in the United States as well as corporate scandals such as Satyam Computer Services has once again underscored the need for good corporate governance.


AT NIBL, we are firmly committed to the highest standards of governance. The Board of Directors ensures that the activities of the Bank are always conducted with the highest standards and in the best interests of its stakeholders. The Board of Directors continues to ensure that the Bank conducts itself as a model corporate citizen by specifying corporate values for the Bank and stipulating a code of Conduct and Ethics for the employees to ensure that the employees maintain their dignity and integrity and build customer confidence.

The bank has adopted good corporate governance practices prescribed by the Nepal Rastra Bank as well as other relevant statues such as Companies Act 2006 and Bank and Financial Institution Act 2006. We believe that the trust, confidence and goodwill reposed on the Bank by the stakeholders and clients is, inter alia, an acknowledgment of good corporate governance practices adopted by the Bank.




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