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CSR Report 2008/09


We have come to an age of Capital philanthropy, which demands philanthropy to be an inevitable part of business. Hence, although Corporate Social Responsibility has become more mandatory than optional, we prefer doing good to the society as large not just for the sake of getting through the duty but more so for the pleasure of being part of the national development.


Since the early days of its inception, Nepal Investment Bank Limited has been investing heavily on the issues of social causes, whose profit will go to each individual and even nation at large. We have tried to lend our hands on as diverse issues from environment conservation, health care, education to natural disaster victims.

We have briefly listed some of the major events supported by Nepal Investment Bank Limited.


Kantipur Rastriya Bipatti Sahayog Kosh/ Annapurna Post Badhipidit Sahayog Kosh

The Bank gave away Rs.5, 00,000 and 2, 00,000 to Kantipur Rastriya Bipatti Sahayog Kosh and Annapurna Post Badhi pidit Sahayog Kosh respectively to aid with Pradhanmantri Rahat Kosh’s fund for Koshi flood victims. According to a report published by Government of Nepal, the devastating upsurge on August, 2008 effected approximately 42, 807 locals from Sunsari district, displacing nearly 40,000 households.

B P Koirala Eye Foundation

The Bank donated 3, 00,000 to B P Koirala Eye Foundation to support the campaign against ophthalmic diseases.

Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon
The bank aided the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon 2009 with cash Rs 1, 00,000.  Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is an International High Altitude Adventure Sports Event being held at Mt. Everest Base Camp every year on May 29. The marathon takes place in the Highland Sherpa Trails of Khumbu Valley, to commemorate the historical ascent of Mount Everest by Late Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary on May 29, 1953 by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary on May 29, 1953.


Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Nepal
The bank supported the publication of Economic journal by Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Nepal with Rs 1, 00, 000. The journal was published on the initiation of Dr Govinda Bahadur Thapa, Dr Pushpa Raj Kandel, Dr Bijay Kumar Poudel, Dr Masta Bahadur Garanja and Dhruba Gautam.


Peoples with Spinal Cord Injury:
We supported the first National Consultation of Peoples with Spinal Cord Injury held on August 2009 with Rs 1, 00,000. The consultation aimed to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to formulate and bring necessary laws to support and avail employment opportunities to the people suffering with Spinal Cord Injury.
People with Spinal Cord Injury works for the welfare of the spinal cord injury victims, who are yet to receive the appropriate health care and facilities in Nepal.


All Nepal Lawn Table Tennis Association
The Bank donated Rs, 2, 00,000 for the annual All Nepal Lawn Table Tennis tournament. The event organized by All Nepal Lawn Table Tennis Association affiliated under the Nepal Olympic Committee, promoted the Lawns Table Tennis game which is slowly catching up the trend in Nepal. The Nepal Olympic Committee is committed to propagate the fundamental principles of Olympism at national level within the framework of sports activity and otherwise contribute, among other things, to the diffusion of Olympism in the teaching programs of physical education and sport in schools and university establishments of Nepal.

Til Ganga Eye Center
We gave away Rs 40, 000 to Tilganga Eye centre to aid with their research on the study of ophthalmic diseases in Nepal. Til Ganga Eye Centre is affiliated with Til Ganga Institute of Ophthalmology, which is the implementing body of the Nepal Eye Program, a nonprofit, community based non-government organization. With an aim to act as a model for treatment research and training, independent of, but in co operation with all other eye care centers and organizations in Nepal, the current TIO facility was opened in 1994.


Nepal Golf Association
The bank provided 1, 00,000 to Nepal Golf Association to support its annual golf tournament. The Association is a signature name in terms of Golf promotion in Nepal.

Federation of Contractors Association of Nepal
NIBL funded Rs 2, 00,000 to the Federation of Contractors Association of Nepal (FCAN) to support the enhancement of contractors in Nepal. FCAN was established in 1990 with the major objective of enlisting the contractors and carrying out necessary acts to develop further professional skills among them. All the registered contractors in Nepal are affiliated with them.

This year too we supported UNHCHR with 6, 60,000 as a part of our ongoing support program for educational supplies to Bhutanese refugees in Nepal. UNHCHR is mandated by the United Nations to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and to resolve refugee problems worldwide. The organization has been working on securing the rights and well-being of Bhutanese refugees in Nepal for two decades now.

Western Region Development Forum
We provided Rs 1, 00,000 to Western Region Development Forum for its annual cultural program. The Development Forum is local administrative authority for the overall development of the Region. The cultural program aimed at raising awareness among the denizens regarding the culture and development.


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