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CSR Report 2008/09

Mahendra Bhawan/ Rato Bangala

The bank gave away Rs 20, 000 to Mahendra Bhawan School, Gyaneshwor to support its overall educational program. The school was established in 1914 by Miss Elizabeth Franklin, whose motto is “Pure Heart”. The school stands out as one of the prominent schools of Kathmandu and has been involved actively in extra co-curricular activities too.

Similarly, the bank aided the year book of Rato Bangala School with Rs 7, 000. Rato Bangala School, one of the first schools to propound the alternate teaching techniques in Nepal, is committed to groom analytical and thinking mind. The school believes in building a positive environment which cultivates critically thinking individuals who want to learn and grow in co-operative, loving, confident, concerned global citizens, the values highlighted in the annual magazine.

Rotary Club, Dillibazaar
The bank supported the various social projects of Rotary Clubm Dillibazar with Rs 20, 000. The club, established in 1998 under the initiation of Mr. Lachhe Bahadur KC, is a pioneer name in terms of social service project at the grass root level. It is actively involved in conducting free health camps, dental camps, and Career and literacy programs among other projects.


Hydro Solution – Power Map of Nepal
The bank helped the publication of Power Map of Nepal, the first of its kind map that fulfills the necessity of an all-inclusive atlas of Nepal’s water resources, geographic and district demarcation, as well as all the power stations, all illustrated in one frame, with Rs, 10, 000. The map published by Hydro Solution, also embraces the hydroelectric power projects, whose license has been approved by the Government of Nepal. It also indicates the major transmission lines of India in the border area.

Mobile Expo 2008
The bank donated Rs 50, 000 to support Mobile Expo 2008 organized by Direction Nepal Pvt Ltd. The expo was strategically designed to enable its visitors to gain fresh information and insight into the latest revolutions in global mobile technologies. Likewise, the organizers also believed the expo to become the perfect forum for mobile service operators, authorized dealers, distributors, service centers and vendors, among others, to significantly boost their business through vibrant and dynamic interaction with their target segment.


Media Forum For Research and Development Nepal (MFRD)
The bank helped Media Forum for Research and Development Nepal with Rs 20, 000. MFRD is a local, leading and a national level non-profit making, non-governmental media organization involved and working to promote the participation of mass media in raising public awareness in the field of community development and social mobilization. Though it was conceptualized as an NGO in 2003, it came into being with the formal registration in District Administration Office (DAO) in Kathmandu in 2006 and affiliated with Social Welfare Council as well. Since then, MFRD has been working for the protection of the Human Rights, Peace Process, Good Governance as well as Institutional Capacity Building and Consultation.


Shree Vishwoshanti Pitrigyan Mahaayagya
The bank donated Rs 25, 000 to support Shree Vishwoshanti Pitrigyan Mahayagya, the religious ritual performed to promote world peace and tribute to the deceased one.

The bank aided ASMAN (Association of St. Mary's Alumnae Nepal) with Rs 25, 000. ASMAN is a non-governmental, non-profit organization devoted to the cause of aiding and supporting underprivileged Nepali women and children since 1990. They are devoted to work in the areas of health, education, cultural awareness and development. The association brings together former students of St. Mary's High School, the most prestigious girls' school in the country.

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry
The bank supported “Vision 2020: Hydropower’, a seminar organized by FNCCI with Rs 15, 000. The seminar explored the issues of water resources in Nepal, their geo-physical position and measures to extract optimum benefit from them. The seminar was attended by 200 participants, who presented thematic papers on the issues.

Economic Students’ Society (ECOSS)
We supported Economic Students’ Society with Rs 5, 000 to help conduct an interaction program on “Current Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Nepalese Economy.” The principal goals of the organization include facilitation of interaction among academicians, professionals and stakeholders while publishing the articles on the issues of national and international economic problems.


National Trust for Nature Conservation
The bank aided the publication of calendar for National Trust for Nature Conservation with Rs 45, 000.


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