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CSR Report 2009/10

NIBL Heritage Marathon 2009

Nepal Investment Bank Limited successfully conducted NIBL Heritage Marathon 2009, an initiative gesture towards the conservation of our cultural heritage. Our second Nepal Investment Bank (NIBL) Heritage Marathon 2009, whose main objective was to help preserve heritage and architecture of Kathmandu Valley, raised over 70 lakhs rupess far exceeding our target of fifty lakhs rupees. The bank donated this fund to help build cremation pyres at Bhas Meshwor, Aryaghat Pashupatinath and for restoration work at the Bhaideval Temple at Patan Durbar Square.


Extreme Everest Expedition

The bank also gave away twenty-five lakhs for Extreme Everest Expedition, the cleanup campaign that cleared out 1800 kilos of garbage from above 8,000 meters, often referred to as the death zone. The event roused wide international concern, and was extensively reported by all local media as well as renowned international media like BBC, Reuters and AFP. Apart from cleaning up the death zone, the campaign also successfully rescued the body of two mountaineers - Swiss climber Gianni Goltz, who died last year, and Russian climber Sergey Duganov. The visual documentation of the same is due for premier at December.


Micro Finance Summit 2010

Bank also gave away five lakhs rupees to support the second Microfinance Summit 2010. The summit focused on converging the role of varied stakeholders from policymakers, regulators, to commercial banks and other microfinance practitioner, to reach to the broader spectrum of rural demography. The summit also worked on providing financial services to 3 million people, especially women, by 2010.


Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center

 NIBL sponsored Rs. 100,000/- to Spinal Iinjury Rehabilitation Center for their golf tournament. The Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC) is a unique charitable facility and the only rehabilitation centre in Nepal that caters exclusively to the needs of the spinally injured. At SIRC, the patient undergoes an intensively engaged period of rehabilitation which includes specialized therapy, counseling, vocational training, and medical care. The event was observed by golfers as well as non golfers. Bank has also been supporting the environmental causes. Just this year, we gave away Rs 50, 000 to National Trust for Nature Conservation. Similarly, the bank also donated Rs.100.000 to Nepal Carpet Exporter’s Association.

All Nepal Lawn Tennis Association

 The bank gave away Rs. 3, 00, 000 to All Nepal Lawn Tennis Association to aid with their annual lawn tennis match.


Siddhartha Art Gallery

 NIBL sponsored Rs. 100,000/- to Siddharth Art Gallery. Siddhartha Art Gallery strives to promote both contemporary Nepalese art and artists from around the globe. Hosting exhibitions in various mediums including photography, pottery, installation art and printmaking, the gallery appeals to different artistic tastes and interests. Committed towards social responsibility, they focus on socio-cultural and political issues, have initiated community art projects and donate to many causes such as Earthquake Relief Fund, construction of maternity wards for underprivileged mothers and renovations of historic temples.


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