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Corporate Social Responsibility
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CSR Report 2009/10


Nepal Carpet Exporter’s Association

 The bank donated Rs.100.000 to Nepal Carpet Exporter’s Association, which is a non-profit trade organization of exporters of hand-woven and knotted carpets and area rugs. NCEA was established to protect the interests and aspirations of Nepalese carpet exporters through a process of effective policy lobbying and worldwide market promotion of Nepalese carpet.
The bank donated Rs.50,000 to National Trust for Nature Conservation. NTNC) was established in 1982 by a Legislative Act as an autonomous and not-for-profit organization, mandated to work in the field of nature conservation in Nepal.



 NIBL supported Nepalese Society for Childrens Literature by donating Rs. 100,000/-  . NESCHIL was established  with a view to promote children's literature and reading activities in Nepal bringing together the writers, illustrators, editors of children's books as well as publisherrs, librarians, teachers, and experts in children's activities.


Press Chaurati

NIBL sponsored Rs. 50,000/- to Press Chautari. is a dedicated internet based online media site to bring us news, events, interactions, discussions and forums to the Nepalese from abroad and Nepal, it is based in New York, US. Their primary objective is to make this site as a “complete media access” for all Nepalese people around the globe and promote relationships and explore the potentialities for growth and opportunities.

Donation for Curable Blindness

The bank gave away Rs. 77, 000/- to the center for Lion’s Eye Cure Center to support their mission to eradicate curable blindness. Lions Eye Care Center was established in response to alarming statistics revealed in a national survey in 1981 which discovered approximately 80,000 people in Nepal who were needlessly blind from Cataract alone. To combat this problem; Lions Eye Care Center has had notable success. Over the period 2000/2003, LECC has conducted 46 surgical eye camps performing sight restoring operations on the total 3099, people in the Rural Regions of Nepal. Since last ten years, it has also expanded its hospital facilities to accommodate inpatients and introduce regular operating facilities.

National Senior Citizen Organization, Nepal

As a part of its corporate social responsibility project the bank aided the National Senior Citizen Organization Network Nepal (NSCONN) with Rs. 25, 000/-. The organization is dedicated towards the protection and enhancement of elderly citizen’s rights in Nepal and is working extensively on including the issue of senior citizen’s right as an integral part of the to-be-drafted constitution.

South Asian Institute of Management

The bank donated Rs. 50, 000/- to South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM) to support their Management Development Program. SAIM is an independent, academic institution established in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2005 to provide need-based management education and engage in management development, research and consulting to facilitate the growth and development of managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in South Asia which is emerging as the most dynamic Asian regional economic center for global trade, investment and technology innovation.


Nepal Agricultural Research Council

NIBL has been actively involved in agricultural promotion too. This year alone, we gave away Rs. 25, 000/- to Nepal Agricultural Research Council. Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) was established in 1991 as an autonomous organization under "Nepal Agricultural Research Council Act - 1991" to conduct agricultural research in the country to uplift the economic level of the people.


Nepal Body building & Fitness Association

Given the context of our society, where sedentary lifestyle is becoming an obligation, the need for physical activities is pivotal. Taking this into consideration, the need to balance these obligations with physical activities is more important than ever. Hhence, NIBL has been actively promoting healthy lifestyle. With the same motive, the bank donated Rs. 50, 000/- to Nepal Body Building & Fitness Association

GAEKWAD Golf Tournament

Nepal Investment Bank sponsored Rs. 1, 00, 000/- in GAEKWAD Golf Tournament 2009. The two-day event was organized by GAEKWAD Baroda Golf Club (GBGC). GBGC is situated in the Lukshmi Villas Palace grounds at Vadodara, the industrial and cultural capital of Gujarat. Owned and operated by Gaekwad Services Ltd, it is affiliated with the CCI Club of India, Mumbai. Apart from Golf tournament, the event also helps promote tourism.




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