PRESS RELEASE Debenture Issue

PRESS RELEASE Kathmandu, July 11, 2013. Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) is proud to announce it successfully issued debentures with interest rate @ 8.0% p.a., worth Rs. 50.0 (fifty) crores within a period of four days.  The issuance date commenced on Asadh 24th 2070 and closed on Asadh 27th 2070.  The debentures were issued with a maturity period of seven years.


Debentures are debt instruments through which a company collects money from investors with the promise that they would be repaid within a fixed period. The coupon (interest) can be paid annually or semi-annually. However, in Nepal,  almost  all  the  debentures  issued  so  far  pay  interest  on  a

half-yearly basis. It is measured to be a good source of financing for the companies and is considered beneficial for investors with a relatively higher interest rate.


The over subscription of its debentures in simply four days, that too, in difficult market conditions, reflects the trust and confidence of investors in Nepal Investment Bank Ltd


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