Press Release - Barathawa Branch Opening

Press Release Barathawa, 15th August 2013. Nepal Investment Bank Limited announces the opening of its 44th branch in Barahathawa, Sarlahi district.  The commencement of the new branch has come as part of the bank’s strategy of focusing further on inclusive banking to support the agricultural activities of the area and be the first private sector commercial bank to operate at the place. The newly opened branch shall further strengthen bank’s position in the South Eastern region of Nepal.


The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jyoti Prakash Pandey inaugurated the branch amidst a function on 15h August, 2013. NIBL’s position as at Asadh end 2070 is as mentioned below:

Paid up Capital : Rs. 3.76 billion

Shareholder’s Fund : Rs. 8.04 billion

Total Deposit : Rs.62.43 billion

Total Lending : Rs. 47.70 billion

Net Profit : Rs. 1.99 billion

Total Assets : Rs. 74.42 billion

Non Performing Loan to Total Loan : 1.91%

Capital Fund to RWA :  12.99%


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shf{ nufgL : ?= 47.70 c<j

v'b d'gfkmf : ?= 1.99 c<j

s'n ;DklQ : ?= 71.42 c<j

s'n shf{df lgis[o shf{ : 1.91 %

hf]lvd efl<t ;DklQdf k"_lh kof{Kttf : 12.99 %


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