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Supervisory Review

Nepal Rastra Bank regularly reviews the process by which a bank assesses its capital adequacy, risk positions, resulting capital levels, and quality of capital held by a NIBL. Supervisors also evaluate the degree to which NIBL has in place a sound internal process to assess capital adequacy. The emphasis of the review is on the quality of the bank’s risk management and controls. The periodic review can involve any or a combination of:

  • On-site examinations or inspections;
  • Off-site review;
  • Discussions with bank management;
  • Review of work done by external auditors(provided it is adequately focused on the necessary capital issues); and
  • Periodic reporting.

WTO 2010.
Come 2010, the Nepali financial sector will be open to liberalization and the entrance of foreign banks allowing them to set up branches in Nepal. Given the financial and competitive strength of these foreign financial institutions, it is imperative for domestic banks to enhance their efficiency and competitiveness to meet future. Henceforth,
in days ahead, Nepalese bankers need to improve on all aspects, be it human resource, information technology, capital resource, branch network, product development, service standard and delivery, risk management practices and market share, among others


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