Press Release - Timure Branch Opening

August 23, 2016 Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) announces the opening of its 47th Branch at Timure VDC in Rasuwa district on August 23, 2016. The commencement of the new branch will support small industries, trading and agricultural activities of the area. The newly opened branch is located at Nepal China border and will help in trading business with China via land route through Kerung- Rasuwgadhi highway. NIBL's Deputy General Manager Mr. Rajan Kumar Amatya inaugurated the opening in Timure amidst a function on 23th August, 2016.


NIBL has a customer base of more than 700,000 being served from 46 Branches and 47 Branchless Banking locations nationwide. The Bank's ATM network is comprised of 82 ATMs across the country and over 5,50,000 cardholders. NIBL has been awarded with the prestigious ‘Bank of the Year’ title awarded by 'The Banker', Financial Times, based in London, four times, and has also been continuously receiving an ICRA Nepal Credit Rating ‘A’ since 2010/11 till date.


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