Information Technology

Use of cutting edge technology to offer unparalleled banking experience to the customers has always been one of the key strategies employed by the bank. NIBL believes in innovation through technology and the Information Technology department has been instrumental in creating value proposition through the delivery of products and services driven by technology.


To align with the long term strategy and meet the current demands of our valued customers for fast, reliable and secured transactions, NIBL currently operates Finacle Core Banking solution from Infosys hosted on the state-of-the-art hardware and database platform. The recent investment made on the solution provided by Infosys has opened up avenues for offering online and electronic transaction channels with alert notification system. The investments made on the technological front have been pivotal in providing NIBL with a competitive edge in branding itself as an innovative and value driven bank in Nepal and equip itself for satisfying the customers’ needs.

The IT department has enthusiastic and dedicated staffs responsible for providing backbone and support for the functioning of the bank. The rapid expansion drive of the bank encompassing its network of ATMs and branches has been made possible through the centralized system and dependable network infrastructure commissioned and maintained by the IT department. The department is actively engaged in trouble shooting and providing support in matters relating to banking software, connectivity and hardware fault handing ensuring smooth operations which again is important for mainlining highest quality of services.

The IT department has evolved and grown from its support responsibility into strategizing innovation in bringing out new products that offer customers added benefits by leveraging the technological advents.

The department has been a mix of the youth and experience strongly led by Mr. Ujwol Manandhar, continuously providing with the learning opportunities and information sharing between the employees with diverse competence level and skill set providing a strong career prospect.


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