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We are pleased to introduce our new eBanking service, which allows you to avail online banking transactions from any part of the world.


With the change in technology, Nepal Investment Bank Ltd, more than ever, felt the need for banking convenience for their clients. You can now access and have full control over your accounts 24 hours 7 days a week. We welcome you to our web site, http://www.nibl.com.np/.


Please Visit our Features page, Advantages page and FAQs page for further information regarding the available facilities. You can even Download the form online and apply for this facility.


This facility is secure. The transaction facility is made more secure through the use of NIBL One Time Password(OTP) facility (NPR 200 annual charge).

To go directly to the login page, Click Here

Download eBanking Form



eBanking Limit

Type of Service

Maximum Per Transaction Limit

Maximum Daily Limit

Maximum Monthly Limit

E- Banking

NPR 1000,000.00

NPR 1000,000.00

NPR 3000,000.00




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