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The list of features provided in NIBL eBanking is listed below. These features are made available  depending on the customer's requirements.


Operative Accounts: To view account summary, quick view, account details, account statement, cheque status inquiry, clearing instruments, TOD inquiry, lien inquiry, FFD links and Nominee details of the operative accounts.
Fixed Deposit Accounts: To view account summary, quick view, account details, deposit schedule, lien inquiry and nominee details of fixed deposit account.
Loan Account: To view the account summary, quick view, account details, loan account statement, loan schedule, loan disbursement schedule, TOD inquiry and Lien inquiry of loan accounts.
All Accounts: To view the quick view of all type of accounts at once.
Tax Deduction Inquiry: To view the tax deducted from accounts.
Help: Provides help for Accounts menu.
Utility Payment: Show the entire payee list that is setup.
Payment History: To view the history of the payments made.
Payee Setup: To set up a new payee.
New Payment: To make new payment.
Search Payees: To search the standard payee of bank.
Help: Provides help for Bills menu.
Self/Linked Account Transfer: To transfer the fund between your self/linked accounts.
Third Party Transfer : To make on-line transfer from your account to any other account in any branch.
Transfer History: To view the history of the transfers made.
Help: Provides help for whole Transfer menu.
Prepaid Recharge: For generating prepaid recharge PIN of Nepal Telecommunication both CDMA and GSM.
History of Recharge: To view the history of prepaid Pins purchased.
Submit Requests: To submit the different requests.
Query on Requests: To check the history of requests made.
Help: Provides help for Requests menu.
Inbox: It contains all the mails sent by bank.
Sent Mails: Contains the mails sent by the customer to bank.
Compose Mail: To compose new mail.
RM MailAlerts Inbox: Contains the mails forwarded by Relationship Manager of the bank as alert.
External MailAlerts Inbox: Contains the mails other then by RM.
Trash: Contains the deleted mails.
Folders: Contains folders created by customer for dumping the mails.
Change Password: To change both 1st (Sign on) and 2nd (Transaction) passwords by customer.
My Profile: To change customers profile by customer themselves.
My Billers: Contains the list of billers that customer has setup as payee.
Help: Provides help for Customize menu.
My Activity: To inquire the financial and non financial activities carried out by the customer.
Transaction Limit Inquiry: To check the transaction limit provided to the customer.
Help: Provides help for Activity menu.



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