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Reporting Fake emails

Reporting Fake emails

Recognizing and Reporting Fake emails

Fake (also called spoof or phishing) emails and websites try to look like there are from well-known companies. People who send fake emails, hope customers will reply or click on a link in the email and provide personal information like passwords, pins etc. If you are suspicious about an email that claims to be from NIBL, please forward a copy to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Never click the links in the email or reply to it. If you think you might have provided your personal information, please contact any NIBL Branch immediately.


Fake email NIBL email

Fake email often ask you to reply to the email with confidential information

NIBL does not ask for confidential information through email

Fake emails have urgent tone and threaten of account closure, if the account is not updated urgently

Any updates will only be done through Customer Service. NIBL never requests for online update.

Fake emails might include attachments

NIBL emails never include attachments


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