Meet our Employees

Bandana Thapa

Compliance Department Head

Head Office


I have been working in this Bank for more than 17 years. I have seen the bank grow and become what it is today; and I think I made a right choice to spend most of my productive years in this institution. I worked under the French Management when the Bank was of a much smaller size but we never compromised in providing quality service to our clients and I am glad to say that this tradition has carried on despite the exponential growth of the Bank and its customer base. I must say that if you like challenges and you can put your 100 percent effort in achieving your goals and targets you will have a very good career growth at NIBL.




Bivek Shah
Treasury Department
Head Office

Doubtlessly, NIBL is a learning organization. It has a diversified work group and it feels good to work in a very professional and participative work environment. I think that my superiors have always given me proper guidance to improve my output level.  My journey in this bank has been fabulous over the years where I got to work in departments like operations and trade finance. Today, I feel that it is my responsibility to guide and transfer knowledge to my junior team members of my department. Working with a good team is indeed a very enriching experience.


Prabin Shakya

Credit Administration Department

Head Office

I joined this Bank as a Management Trainee and the first thing I realized was that staff members were trained and encouraged to give top priority to customer service. As a Management Trainee I not only learned through on the job experience but also got an opportunity to attend many formal training programs that were beneficial for me. Being a Management Trainee in one of the biggest banks in Nepal comes with a price tag. One needs to shoulder a lot of responsibilities and there is immense work pressure. However, there is also a sense of pride and belongingness to an organization like NIBL.


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