Credit Card - FAQ


1. Where are the Cards accepted?

Your Credit Card is accepted at all merchant locations displaying the sign of Visa Cards. Some of our cards are confined to usage within India and Nepal due to the rules and regulation of Nepal Rastra Bank. Please check where your card is accepted and can be used.


2. How often can I use my Card?

You can use your card as often as you wish, provided you do not exceed your pre-set credit limit. Once a card is used, the card limit decreases until the time payment is received from you.


3. How do International Credit Cards work?

An international Credit Card gives you the privilege and flexibility of using a Credit Card instead of heavy cash / traveller's cheques and the billing system is same as stated above.


4. Can I know all the facts related to my Credit Limit?

A Credit Card is always issued with a pre-set limit, which is determined by financial history and the income source of the applicant and also complying with the rules and regulation set by Nepal Rastra Bank. A cardholder is requested not to exceed its limit at any point of time or else further credit may be denied at any merchant location and an excess over limit fee is also charged. In case of cash advance, the limit are assigned 50% of the total limit including cash advance fee as under mentioned.

If it becomes necessary for you to enhance your limit on temporary or permanent basis on events such as travelling on a long vacation, business promotion tour or willing to make a major purchase, you are requested to inform us in writing at least a week prior to your pre-planned tour or purchase.


5. What if I am not able to pay my bill on time?

On the payment due date if you do not have sufficient balance resulting in outstanding due then interest will be charged. This will effect your credit limit as well as your credit history and might create trouble for you while making further transaction. Hence, to avoid such embarrassing circumstances you are requested to make the payment on time.


6. What security measures should I follow to protect my card?

Following security aspects should be given due consideration for secure card transaction.

Affix the signature on the signature panel at the back of the card immediately after receiving the card.

Do not give the card or reveal the card number to anyone in any circumstances. (Except to the merchant you are transacting with).

Do not sign on blank charge slips.

Keep the charge slips till final settlement is made.

Do not use the card for mail / telephone order and internet transactions. These are very risky transaction and your card number can be compromised. You will be held liable for all transactions appearing on your card statement.

Inform the card issuing bank immediately in case the card is lost/stolen.

Please maintain the record of the card number and the telephone number of the Bank separately as the need may arise.


7. What if my Card gets lost or stolen?

In such cases, please inform the Bank or any nearest MasterCard/Visa card agent bank to block the usage and request for replacement immediately.


8. How safe is my Card?

A Credit Card is a safe, secure and convenient financial management tool that offers many benefits. It is important to remember that owning a credit card carries many responsibilities. When used improperly, credit card can get you into trouble.


We hope all the above mentioned information will be useful for our cardholder to manage the usage of their credit card efficiently and to get the maximum possible benefits. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to email us if there are further query.



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