NIBL Sponsors the Publication of a Rare Art Book

Nepal Investment Bank Limited sponsored Rs 3 lakhs for the publication of In The Eye of The Storm, a compilation of rare sketches by contemporary artist Manuj Babu Mishra. The book which was launched on January 8, Friday along with the opening of Mishra's exhibition at Siddhartha Art Gallery, features his works over the period of time. Some of the sketches date back to early fifties, while the rest progress in chronological order to mark the artist's own progress over the time. The octogenarian artist, often referred to as the living legend, graduated in arts from Bangladesh.


The 74 year old artist has remained in seclusion for the past 20 years and has been working from his home in Bouddha which is popularly known as the Hermitage Art Cottage.


Representing the sponsors NIBL the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Prithvi Bahadur Pande said, “Manuj Babu is a visionary, a man of great intellect who is always ahead of his time.” Mr Pande also took the time to mention NIBL's long withstood commitment for the promotion of contemporary art in Nepal.


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