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General FAQs'

Who is eligible to work in NIBL?

Anyone with a graduate or a master’s degree from a reputed institution and who is motivated and has the passion to make banking their career is eligible to work here.


2) Can I choose which branch I want to work at?

The Bank will endeavor to ensure that there is a person-job match and also meet its current manpower requirements.



3) What is more important? A person who has the experience or a person who has the degree?

This depends on the nature of the job that is vacant. For entry-level job, a person with an appropriate educational qualification may be given more preference. However, a person with progressive work experience at reputed agencies will certainly considered in jobs that require the necessary knowledge, skills and experience.


4) How often is the staff eligible for a leave?

A genuine sick leave with the medical report as proof is allowed to all. However, a particular amount of home leave, sick leave and casual leave is allowed for the permanent staff. Trainees and Part Time workers however, are eligible for a leave only after a letter of leave without pay has been approved by the Head of Department.


5) How often is the staff trained?
The bank makes a sizable investment in building the capacity of its new entrants through on-the-job support as well as in-house, national and international training opportunities. Training programs include ‘technical banking’ related and ‘customer service’ related. The Bank has built its own training center equipped with all audiovisual aids where workshops are conducted almost round the clock.


How can I join NIBL?

You can join NIBL as an employee if you meet the following requirements provided vacancies prevail in the bank.
-Junior Officers and above: MBA or equivalent and preferably some related experience
-Others: Graduate in any discipline


You can join NIBL as a trainee if you meet the following requirements provided vacancies prevail in the bank.

- If you are studying MBA in a reputed institute you can approach us with     recommendation from your college for internship/summer training with us. Completing internship courses/summer training can be a real advantage if you wish to join us and enjoy rich and varied career.


2) Management Trainee

If you are a fresh MBA from a reputed university you may join us as a Management Trainee, a starting point for you career in the bank.

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the most popular business qualification in the world. Most prospective students regard the MBA as an adjunct to their career. If you think you have deciphered what you have studied and can now put it into use through banking, then NIBL is the place for you.


3) Trainee

If you are a fresh graduate from a reputed university, you may join the bank as a Trainee and start your career afresh. Many graduates look for work experience before they begin their MBA. Working with us will give you the experience and the corporate feel that will help you face the challenges while pursuing MBA.


4) Part Time Workers

If you are strongly result oriented and have a passion to deliver then there are various departments at NIBL that hire part time workers. The range is from those who have completed their intermediate degree to people pursuing their graduation.


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