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Press Release of Pashupati Extension Counter Opening


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Press Release of EuroMoney Excellence-Best Bank Nepal 2018


Nepal Investment Bank has won the award of ‘Nepal’s Best Bank’ from Euromoney magazine’s Awards for Excellence 2018, one of the most significant accolades in financial services.

Euromoney, first published in 1969, is an English-language monthly magazine focused on business and finance. It is the flagship production of Euromoney Institutional Investor plc.
The Euromoney awards evaluate levels of service, financial performance and other achievements across the banking industry. This year the organizers received almost 1,500 submissions from banks around the world competing for global, regional and national titles.

Mr. Bhuwaneshwar Prasad Shah, Director of NIBL accepted the ‘Nepal’s Best Bank’ award on behalf of NIBL, amidst the special gala dinner event at J.W Marriott, Pacific Place, Hong Kong. There were almost 500 leading banks from around Asia. “This award is a very fulfilling testimonial of NIBL’s strategic achievements”, said the Director.

With the acquisition of Ace Development Bank, NIBL’s Paid-up Capital reached NPR 10.65 billion with NPR 20.94 billion Core Capital and Assets worth more than USD 1.5 billion. The bank delivered a 3rd Quarter net profit of NPR 2.84 billion with a deposit base of NPR 130.2 billion and a lending base of NPR 118.8 billion - the highest lending base among private sector banks. It also has 57 branchless banking counters across remote parts of Nepal. The bank disbursed NPR 3.7 billion micro credit loans to deprived sector that has helped in the sustainable development of rural communities.

The bank has more than 8.7 lakhs customer base catered from its 77 branches, 7 extension counters across the country. NIBL has a network of 101 ATMs and leads a consortium 14 Visa Associate banks and 7 NPN member banks. There are almost 1.5 million cards issued by its network, along with 790 ATMs and 2,597 POS terminals.

NIBL is the only bank in the country to have received the “Bank of the Year Award” five times from Financial Times Group’s The Banker, a UK based Bank magazine and has received a credit rating [ICRANP-IR] A+ from ICRA Nepal (International Credit Rating Agency- Nepal).


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Press Release of NIBL New Branch Opening

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Press Release: IFC Partners with NIBL

IFC Partners with Nepal Investment Bank to Enhance Trade Finance in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal, May 17, 2010—IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, will provide a trade finance facility of up to $5 million to Nepal Investment Bank that will enable the bank to enhance its support for local enterprises and help boost international trade opportunities.

IFC’s trade finance facility will provide Nepal Investment Bank with risk coverage in a difficult market and access to a global network that will help grow its trade finance business. The network facilitates transactions in challenging markets, promotes competitive financing, and builds correspondent bank relationships with new institutions at low risk.

Nepal Investment Bank’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Prithvi Bahadur Pande and IFC Resident Representative in Nepal, Rajeev Gopal, signed the Memorandum of Understanding that will help boost Nepal’s international trade opportunities.

“By joining IFC’s Global Trade Finance Program, we will be recognized by a wider range of correspondent banks globally. It will become easier for us and our clients to complete international transactions,” said Deepak Kumar Shrestha, Head of International Banking and Trade Finance at Nepal Investment Bank.

The global economic crisis and reduced trade financing had posed a particular economic risk to low- and middle-income countries. IFC, working with its partners, has sharply increased its trade financing efforts over the past two years.

Per Kjellerhaug, IFC Regional Manager for Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, said, “IFC’s trade finance support to Nepal Investment Bank will enable the country’s corporate and small and medium enterprise sector to increase their share of global trade.”

Prior to this facility, IFC has supported three other banks with trade finance in Nepal. Since 1975, IFC has committed over $80 million in nine projects in Nepal. Currently, IFC has an exposure of over $35 million in the country in equity, debt, and guarantees, with exposure to private infrastructure exceeding $28 million. In FY09, IFC committed more than $10 million in new investments in Nepal.

To learn more about IFC’s activities in South Asia, visit

About IFC
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, creates opportunity for people to escape poverty and improve their lives. We foster sustainable economic growth in developing countries by supporting private sector development, mobilizing capital for private enterprise, and providing advisory and risk mitigation services to businesses and governments. Our new investments totaled $14.5 billion in fiscal 2009, helping channel capital into developing countries during the financial crisis. For more information, visit

About Nepal Investment Bank Limited

Nepal Investment Bank has 39 branches and 60 ATMs (150 ATMs including consortium member ATMs) in Nepal. It is the largest private sector bank in the country and has market share of about 8 percent in terms of deposit base and 10 percent of total advances as of mid-July 2009. The bank’s leadership in underwriting international finance transactions is well recognized. For more information, visit

Press Release of NIBL Nijgad Branch

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Press Release of NIBL Bhairahawa Branch

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NIBL and its VISA Associate member banks upto 10% cash back offer

Press Release Kathmandu, 14th January 2018-As part of its “Card Loyalty Program”, NIBL & its Visa Associate Member banks launch a campaign to offer its Visa Domestic cardholders access to exclusive cash back rewards when using their Visa debit or credit cards for all purchases.

This initiative comes in the context of these Banks’ effort to boost card usage for payments of goods and services in Nepal. This program has been specifically designed to move the Nepali economy into a less cash using society and encourage customers to use their Visa Debit/Credit cards and redeem cash back in the easiest way into their accounts.

Cardholders who purchase goods or services by using Visa Domestic debit/credit cards issued by these Banks will receive cash back reward as below. Cardholders need to perform transaction up to NPR500.00 to be eligible for this program

Transaction Count (Monthly)                      Cash Back Reward

For 1 to 3 transactions                   2% or maximum NPR 100.00

For 4 to 15 transactions                 5% or maximum NPR 200.00

For 16 to 30 transactions               7% or maximum NPR 500.00

For 31 to 50 transactions              10% or maximum NPR 1000.00

With certain terms and conditions applied, these Banks will provide Cash Back offer into their cardholders’ accounts on the following day of purchases made by their Visa debit and credit cards.

Visa is delighted to partner up with NIBL’s Card Network member banks to offer their cardholders’ cash back loyalty on their purchases across hotels, restaurants, retails, hospitals and a host of other services.

Cardholders of Century Bank Ltd., Global IME Bank, Kumari Bank Ltd., Mahalaxmi Development Bank, Mega Bank Nepal ltd, Muktinath Bikash Bank, NCC Bank, Nepal Investment Bank Ltd., Rastriya Banijya Bank, Sanima Bank and Tourism Development Bank will be benefited under this program.


In addition, these Banks have stated that this program will also encourage on secured and convenient mode of payment i.e. through cards.


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NIBL 31 Annual General Meeting

Press Release Kathmandu, 24th October 2017- Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) has successfully held its 31th Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the fiscal year 2073-74 on 24th October, 2017 at Rastriya Sabha Griha, Kathmandu. The AGM highlighted the Bank's major achievements in the fiscal year 2073-74, future plans, performance targets and strategies. The Bank has proposed15% of stock dividend and 25% cash dividend on its total Paid up Capital to the shareholders.


The Annual General Meeting also elected Mr. Kabi Kumar Tibrewal, Mr. Prajanya Raj Bhandari, Mr. Surya Prakash Lal Shrestha and Mr. Prithivi Bahadur Pande as directors representing promoter group.


During the year, NIBL earned Operating Profit of NPR 5.24 billion before provision as compared to previous year 4.13 billion. The Net Profit of the Bank grew by 22.1% to reach NPR 3.11 billion against NPR 2.55 billion of previous year. NIBL Paid Up capital will reach NPR 10.62 billion (after issue of 15% Bonus Share  in FY 2073-2074). In FY 2073-74 NIBL's deposits have increased by 15.7 percent, reaching NPR 125.66 billion. Total lending of the bank increased by 22.6 percent reaching NPR 106.68 billion.


The Bank has been striving for growth, enhancing customer service experience and strengthening relationship with all its stakeholders. NIBL has acquired Ace Development Bank Ltd. to provide consolidated service in view to further enhance customers' need and expand nationwide reach. The Bank has a customer base of more than 836,000 being served from a network of 61 branches, 99 ATMs and 4 extension counters nationwide.


To provide enhanced customer service to more than 836,000 customers, Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.  jointly with Nepal Electricity Authority has agreed to make all the payments of Nepal Electricity Authority bills through any NIBL branches and online banking services from this year.


Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL) has been striving towards incorporating segments that have been deprived from financial services. As an initiative to attain financial inclusion, the Bank will be opening its branches in deprived and unreached sectors of the country, will be using highest level of technologies to provide easy, enhanced and excellent banking services to the customers and will be working towards development of the whole nation.


The Bank had also recently added Mastercard into its network in both the ATM and POS to provide enhanced service to its cardholders. Also, Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. has been certified with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Version 3.2 in view to facilitate added security for its more than 400,000 cardholders. PCI DSS is the highest level of card data security standard worldwide to enhance safety and security of card data environment of all branded cards.


NIBL has been awarded with the prestigious ‘Bank of the Year’ title awarded by 'The Banker', Financial Times, based in London, five times, and has also been continuously receiving an ICRA Nepal Credit Rating ‘A’ since 2010/11.


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Press Release - Nepal Investment Bank Ltd and AXIS Bank (India) 's Remittance Service

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Kathmandu,15 october,2017

Nepal Investment Bank Ltd (NIBL) and Axis bank of India have signed a MOU to facilitate significant remittance services to Nepalese citizens living across the India to send money to their family members and loved ones living in Nepal. This service is provided by NIBL through its online remittance system “Prithivi Remit” for conveniently remitting money herein Nepal. Under this arrangement beneficiaries in Nepal can receive money very quickly and easily without having an account.

Nepalese living across the India can avail this service by using a card provided by Axis bank. By filling up a form at any of Axis Bank’s branches, this card is made available and can be used to send money to Nepal

Individuals/Remitters are allowed to freely remit up to NPR. 50,000 per transaction up to 12 times a year. The remitted amount can be easily obtained by beneficiaries from any Prithivi Remit counters situated at more than 8000 locations across the Nepal. Furthermore, Remittances under this facility, complying with the terms and conditions is very safe and easy to close family members/ beneficiaries to receive money.

NIBL believes that this arrangement with Axis Bank, India will provide remittance service in more easiest and convenient way to Nepalese citizens.


Press Release - Acquisition of ACE Development Bank by Nepal Investment Bank Limited

Press Release - Acquisition of ACE Development Bank by Nepal Investment Bank Limited. Thursday,13th July 2017

Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL) has started a joint operation after the acquisition of Ace Development Bank (Ace) from Thursday. After acquiring the Ace Development Bank, the total paid-up capital of NIBL has reached to 9.24 billion which is highest among others private sector commercial banks.


The Management Committee and the Chief Executive Officer of the bank will remain unchanged even after the acquisition process. Also, the Head Office will remain at Durbarmarg, Kathmandu.


After acquiring Ace Development Bank, NIBL total deposit has reached 124 billion and total loan and advances has reached 107 billion. Similarly, the bank’s capital adequacy ratio has reached 13.9 percent.


Ace had been in operation since 1995 and has total of 12 branches,12 Atms and 1 extension counter. NIBL will now have a network of 61 branches, 98 ATM’s and 4 extension counters. The branches of Ace Development Bank inside the valley are at Naxal, New-road, Chabahil, Jawalakhel, Kaushaltar and Kirtipur. Similarly its branches outside the valley is located at Birgunj, Chitwan, Pyuthan ,Bharatpur, Morang ,and Sankhuwashaba.


Nepal Investment Bank is the only commercial Bank to be awarded with the prestigious Financial Times “ Bank of The Year” award for the fifth time in 2016 and has been consistently receiving ICRA credit rating Nepal ‘A’.

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Press Release - Timure Branch Opening

August 23, 2016 Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) announces the opening of its 47th Branch at Timure VDC in Rasuwa district on August 23, 2016. The commencement of the new branch will support small industries, trading and agricultural activities of the area. The newly opened branch is located at Nepal China border and will help in trading business with China via land route through Kerung- Rasuwgadhi highway. NIBL's Deputy General Manager Mr. Rajan Kumar Amatya inaugurated the opening in Timure amidst a function on 23th August, 2016.


NIBL has a customer base of more than 700,000 being served from 46 Branches and 47 Branchless Banking locations nationwide. The Bank's ATM network is comprised of 82 ATMs across the country and over 5,50,000 cardholders. NIBL has been awarded with the prestigious ‘Bank of the Year’ title awarded by 'The Banker', Financial Times, based in London, four times, and has also been continuously receiving an ICRA Nepal Credit Rating ‘A’ since 2010/11 till date.


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