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Press Release - Timure Branch Opening

August 23, 2016 Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) announces the opening of its 47th Branch at Timure VDC in Rasuwa district on August 23, 2016. The commencement of the new branch will support small industries, trading and agricultural activities of the area. The newly opened branch is located at Nepal China border and will help in trading business with China via land route through Kerung- Rasuwgadhi highway. NIBL's Deputy General Manager Mr. Rajan Kumar Amatya inaugurated the opening in Timure amidst a function on 23th August, 2016.


NIBL has a customer base of more than 700,000 being served from 46 Branches and 47 Branchless Banking locations nationwide. The Bank's ATM network is comprised of 82 ATMs across the country and over 5,50,000 cardholders. NIBL has been awarded with the prestigious ‘Bank of the Year’ title awarded by 'The Banker', Financial Times, based in London, four times, and has also been continuously receiving an ICRA Nepal Credit Rating ‘A’ since 2010/11 till date.


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Press Release 'Surakshya Bachat Khata

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Kathmandu, October 28, 2015

Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.'s Assistance General Manager Mr. Rabin Sijapati and Nepal Life Insurance's Corporate Marketing Head Mr. Pawan Kumar Khadka handed over a cheque of Rs. 1 lakh on 28th October 2015 to Mrs. Kusum Bajracharya, the legal heir of the deceased, Mr. Anindra Raj Bajracharya, an account holder at Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.  under 'Surakshya Bachat Khata' scheme, resident at Nyadhal- 18, Lalitpur


Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. has been providing a facility of free Life Insurance of Rs. 1 Lakh or Accidental Death Insurance of Rs. 2 lakhs to all its 'Surakshya Bachat Khata' account holders. The facility is available for every Nepalese Citizen of age 18 to 60 years upon opening of 'Surakshya Bachat Khata' at a nominal balance through any of its branches. The insurance claim amount has been handed over to Mrs. Kusum Bajracharya as a free facility for account holders under this scheme.

Press Release PM Fund

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28th Annual General Meeting

Press Statement Kathmandu, October 22nd, 2014. Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) is proud to announce its 28th Annual General Meeting for the fiscal year 2070-71. The bank has been successful in delivering maximum returns to its shareholders and has established itself as one of the leading banks in Nepal.

Brief Review of Bank’s Performance of FY 2070-71

NIBL Paid Up capital reached NPR 4.76 billion (after 15% Bonus Share proposed in FY 2070-71) which is more than twice the minimum capital base prescribed by Nepal Rastra Bank. NIBL Capital base reached NPR 7.92 billion which proves to be the highest capital base amongst the private sector banks in the country.

In the FY 2070-71 NIBL earned Operating Profit of NPR 3.16 billion before provision compared to previous year 3.10 billion. The Net Profit of the Bank also grew by 1.3% (+NPR 24.5 million) to reach NPR 1.93 billion against NPR 1.91 billion of previous year.

The Board of Director's has proposed 15% Bonus Share (NPR 622 million) and 25% Cash Dividend (NPR 1036 million) from the Net Profit of FY 2070-71.

In FY 2070-71 our deposits have increased by 18.3 percent, reaching NPR 73.83 billion, as compared to last year NPR 62.42 billion. Similarly, total lending of the bank increased by 12.1 percent reaching NPR 53.45 billion as compared to previous year NPR 47.70 billion.

Due to recovery of non-performing loans (NPAs) during the year, the NPA ratio of the bank declined to 1.77% against 1.91% last year.  We will continue our efforts to further minimize the NPA level in coming years.


Other Matters:

Branch Network

NIBL now serves more than 550,000 customers across the country with 44 branches, 83 ATM Networks and over 300+ VISA and NPN Member Bank ATMs.


Products and Services

NIBL’s focus has always been on innovation by offering new user-friendly products and services in the financial market. The Bank started issuing Medicash Card, encompassing a broader access to world-class health & wellness care services to facilitate Medical tourism in India. The card likewise offers value-added payment options and introduces a new concept of Healthcare Card services in Nepal. Furthermore, we have also started issuing worldwide accepted Travel Cards for customers who are travelling abroad.

The Bank launched USD Prepaid Travel Card with online activation and started acquiring Master Card for our VISA Associate member banks. NIBL in collaboration with Resonance Nepal commenced the process of deploying customized solutions for banking requirements, such as, for advanced POS functionalities.



NIBL is committed to building and maintaining a strong relationship with the larger community and actively promotes public welfare. NIBL extended financial support to Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) in order to build solar panels and repair of water taps in Arya Ghat. This initiative was an attempt to help provide basic needs of local communities which usually tends to get overlooked. NIBL also recognizes that our social responsibility is not just a onetime initiative; therefore, in coordination with PADT the bank will be providing additional financial support in the near future for restoration purposes.

As a part of our CSR ethos we have provided scholarship for two students at Srijana College of Fine arts and Sponsorship for Friends Club (Nepal A Division Football Team). NIBL has also provided financial support to Nepal Golf Foundation, Manbhawan Badminton Circle and various initiatives of Nepal Ko Yuwa (NKY) translated as Youth of Nepal. Furthermore, the Bank has been providing regular support to Alliance Francaise and The Art of Living.


Other Achievements

ICRA Nepal has re-confirmed its previous credit rating assigned to NIBL at "[ICRANP-IR] A". The "A" rating demonstrates our strong creditworthiness and has provided additional transparency for our shareholders and regulators.

PRESS RELEASE NIBL donates to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund

NIBL donates to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. Kathmandu 25 August 2014. Nepal Investment Bank has provided financial assistance to the Prime Minister’s Relief fund on Monday.


NIBL’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jyoti Prakash Pandey handed over the cheque of NPR 1,000,000 (One Million) to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala amid a function at prime minister’s official residence in Baluwatar on Monday 25th August 2014.


As part of NIBL’s Corporate Social Responsibility, the bank has been donating to various organizations in need as part of giving back to society. The amount will be utilized throughout the country to provide relief assistance to flood victims.

Press Release - Barathawa Branch Opening

Press Release Barathawa, 15th August 2013. Nepal Investment Bank Limited announces the opening of its 44th branch in Barahathawa, Sarlahi district.  The commencement of the new branch has come as part of the bank’s strategy of focusing further on inclusive banking to support the agricultural activities of the area and be the first private sector commercial bank to operate at the place. The newly opened branch shall further strengthen bank’s position in the South Eastern region of Nepal.


The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jyoti Prakash Pandey inaugurated the branch amidst a function on 15h August, 2013. NIBL’s position as at Asadh end 2070 is as mentioned below:

Paid up Capital : Rs. 3.76 billion

Shareholder’s Fund : Rs. 8.04 billion

Total Deposit : Rs.62.43 billion

Total Lending : Rs. 47.70 billion

Net Profit : Rs. 1.99 billion

Total Assets : Rs. 74.42 billion

Non Performing Loan to Total Loan : 1.91%

Capital Fund to RWA :  12.99%


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s'n lgIf]k : ?= 62.42 c<j

shf{ nufgL : ?= 47.70 c<j

v'b d'gfkmf : ?= 1.99 c<j

s'n ;DklQ : ?= 71.42 c<j

s'n shf{df lgis[o shf{ : 1.91 %

hf]lvd efl<t ;DklQdf k"_lh kof{Kttf : 12.99 %

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