Corporate Banking
Trade Finance

Trade finance is a short-term credit availed by a bank to their borrower for importing and exporting activities.  It includes various kinds of loans, advances and facilities required for imports and exports deals.  Since such deals are made on foreign trade, it involves transactions of foreign exchange.  The economics of these trade finance facilities depends on local currency (LCY) and foreign currency (FCY) interest rates, the ruling forward terms, exchange rate movement outlook, Central Bank’s (NRB’s) regulations etc.


Nepal Investment Bank operates a full- fledged Treasury Department within the consideration of the foreign exchange rules and regulations under the guidance of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) – central bank of Nepal. Being an active member of Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of Nepal (FEDAN), we work closely with all other commercial banks in the country. The Treasury Department offers basic services such as foreign currencies exchange (Buy/ Sell) and money market operations as well as specific services such as foreign currency forward contracts.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Bank supports the financing requirement of the project through consortium lending as the lead Bank and/or Co-lead Bank or participating bank. The Corporate bank provides solutions as per the client's specific needs. It is committed to help privately owned and publicly listed entities grow.


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