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NIBL Karmachari Bachat Khata
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NIBL Karmachari Bachat Khata

NIBL’s Karmarchari Bachat Khata is specially targeted towards employees of any organization or corporate houses to manage their payroll and gratuity for their saving needs.

NIBL Karmachari Bachat Khata
  • No Minimum balance
  • Free Corporate E-Banking facility (Click Here)
  • Mobile Banking
  • Free Utility Payment Services

NIBL Karmachari Bachat Khata
  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals (as per NRB regulations)
  • Free Issuance of Cheque book
  • VISA/Master EMV Chip based Debit Card valid in Nepal and India
  • Discount in various outlets upon use of NIBL Debit Card
  • Free Any Branch Banking Service (ABBS) 
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